Guest Editors

WP Owls #111

Courtney Robertson

Courtney Robertson is an Open Source Web Design and Developer Advocate at GoDaddy Pro who is a team representative on the WordPress Training Team. She has been using WordPress since 2.3 and contributing since 2009. When not working, you can find her playing a 7 string electric violin, 3D printing, or in her large vegetable garden.

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WP Owls #109

Jonathan de Jong

Jonathan is a Swedish developer turned Technical Director at the agency Angry Creative.

He started his journey with WordPress back in 2008 and has remained in this community ever since. He's now keeping busy navigating the proverbial waters of modern development for the sake of his team. Find him on Twitter or one of the WordPress Slack Communities!

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WP Owls #107

Topher​ DeRosia

Topher DeRosia is a Community Director at Howard Development & Consulting. He brings more than 25 years of experience as a web developer, over a decade of which has been spent building out WordPress sites. In addition, Topher curates HeroPress.

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WP Owls #105

Todd E Jones

My name is Todd E Jones and I love strategic storytelling.

I started creating WordPress websites when I wanted to have a football blog. I have since gone into the world of business messaging and started Copyflight.

I help service businesses clarify their company story and use it to create unique marketing messages that attract ideal clients.

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WP Owls #103

Vito Peleg

I built my first website at 14 years old on GeoCities, which later led to building client websites as a freelancer while touring the world as the leader of a rock band. I eventually grew a WordPress agency that delivered more than 800 websites to our clients – before creating to redefine the way agencies collaborate with their clients.

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WP Owls #101

Nick Diego

Nick is a Developer Advocate at WP Engine and has worked with WordPress for over a decade. Passionate about the Gutenberg project and “modern” WordPress development, he splits his time between creating educational content, building block plugins, and contributing to WordPress Core. Follow him on Twitter or reach out in WordPress Slack at @ndiego.

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WP Owls #99

Carl Alexander

Carl Alexander is a PHP developer from Montréal, Canada. He’s the solo founder of Ymir, a serverless DevOps platform for PHP.

He also has a website where he publishes articles regularly. It’s his way to help the WordPress community with these hard-to-learn topics. You can also find him on Twitter and GitHub.

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WP Owls #97

Ross Wintle

Ross is a creative and curious software developer who works at Delicious Brains and has too many side projects. He's worked in software and IT for over 20 years and with WordPress since 2010.

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WP Owls #95

Fränk Klein

Fränk Klein is a Principal Engineer at Human Made, building enterprise WordPress sites. As a self-taught developer, Fränk is passionate about developer education. His focus is on teaching Full-Site Editing to freelancers and agencies.

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WP Owls #93

Jono Alderson

Jono is the Head of SEO at Yoast, where he makes decisions that influence the organic visibility of over 13 million websites across WordPress, Shopify and beyond.
He’s an expert in digital strategy, SEO, analytics, WordPress, web performance, structured data, marketing technology, conversion rate optimisation, growth, PHP, CSS and more.

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WP Owls #91

Anh Tran

Anh is a WordPress developer, blogger, and also a local WordPress meetup organizer in Hanoi, Vietnam.

He started his first blog on WordPress in 2006 and since then, he has developed themes and plugins for WordPress. Currently, he leads the development of his plugin Meta Box - a custom fields framework, and Slim SEO - a lightweight and fast SEO plugin for WordPress.

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WP Owls #89

Ryan Sullivan

Ryan Sullivan runs SiteCare, a leading WordPress Maintenance and Digital Marketing company. He's worked in the WordPress support and maintenance industry since 2012. He resides in the beautiful state of Utah with his wife and three sons. Ryan's an advocate for people with autism, a questionable follow on Twitter, and loves the Utah Jazz.

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WP Owls #87

Brian Gardner

Brian Gardner is a Chicago-based designer, WordPress expert, and the founder of Minimologie—an independent design studio. He currently leads WordPress developer relations at WP Engine and is the creator of Frost. You can find him frequenting the local Starbucks or running a nearby trail in his free time.

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WP Owls #85

Robert Jacobi

Robert Jacobi ran 3.5% of the internet and today as Director, WordPress, he leads the WordPress business unit at Cloudways, a multi-cloud managed application as a service platform that lets users choose where they want their website to be hosted from a variety of options, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode.

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WP Owls #83

Josh Pollock

Josh is a PHP & JavaScript developer from Pittsburgh, PA. Today he is a freelance developer and creator of Plugin Machine, a framework for WordPress plugin development. Previously he was the lead developer of the plugin Caldera Forms and co-founder of CalderaWP. Josh is a total dog person and super-nerd for ecology, crypto, caffeine, music, sci-fi and going on long walks. He lives with his wife Alicia.

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WP Owls #81

Chris Wiegman

Chris is an Engineering Manager devoted to improving the developer experience for WordPress developers of all kinds. His work focuses on the intersection of development, privacy, ethics and usability of software and development to help improve the lives of everyone who uses modern technology.

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WP Owls #79

Felix Arntz

Felix is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google and a WordPress core committer from Germany, currently residing in San Francisco, California. He is the lead engineer for the Site Kit plugin for WordPress and has been a regular contributor to WordPress for several years.

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WP Owls #77

Allie Nimmons

Allie Nimmons is a self-taught WordPress advocate, power-user, and content creator. She started working with WordPress in 2015. She currently owns Beedia Productions, providing editing, voice over, and production service. Allie also co-runs Underrepresented in Tech and teaches courses about WordPress on LinkedIn Learning.

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WP Owls #75

Cate DeRosia

As a writer and editor as well as part of the HeroPress team, Cate has wandered around WordPress and interacted with the community on a variety of levels. She’s seen the good, the bad, and the truly amazing. Currently she’s employed as a Community Engagement Specialist sponsored by Automattic.

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WP Owls #73

Daniel Schutzsmith

Daniel Schutzsmith is a rare breed – a hybrid of equal parts design, code, strategy, and management. He's devoted his career to making positive change to protect our world for generations to come!

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WP Owls #71

Anne McCarthy

Anne McCarthy (she/they) is a developer relations wrangler at Automattic who spearheads the FSE Outreach Program and champions DEI. She’s been using WordPress for over a decade, most recently as a co-Test lead and user docs champion for WordPress 5.9. When not WordPress-ing, you can find them out in nature or on a soccer field.

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WP Owls #69

Eric Karkovack

Eric Karkovack is a freelance web designer and writer. A 25+ year veteran of the industry, Eric both works with and writes about his journey in using WordPress to tackle everyday challenges for clients.

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WP Owls #67

Daniel Olson

Dan is the Chief Operating Officer of DigitalCube, a company committed to supporting WordPress and its communities. He's a web developer, AWS superfan, Jamstack advocate, design thinking enthusiast, and he's curious about AI. Philadelphia is the place he calls home.

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WP Owls #64

Jonathan Bossenger

Jonathan is an open-source developer and writer living in Cape Town, South Africa with his wife and two sons. He still remembers how his first contribution to open source was never actually accepted, but the bug bit, and he’s been doing his best to give back ever since.

He works at Delicious Brains as a Senior Technical Writer, where his days are filled with preparing content to help other developers do their best work.

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WP Owls #62

Joe Casabona

Joe Casabona started his career over 20 years ago as a freelance web developer before realizing his true passion, which is sharing his knowledge about web development, podcasting, and course creation to help creators and business owners.

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WP Owls #60

Tammie Lister

Tammie is a designer passionate about open source and human-centred experiences. She is a long-time contributor to WordPress, and her contribution work continues by being sponsored through XWP, where she works full time. She is now looking to the future of the editor and themes through exploring what could be.

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WP Owls #58

Bob Dunn

I have been active in the WordPress community for over a decade creating content and educating users. When WooCommerce came out I jumped on board almost immediately and have experienced its growth for the last 10 years. Today, I run Do the Woo, where I guide, connect, and elevate the WooCommerce builder community.

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WP Owls #56

Angela Jin

An inveterate volunteer, Angela has a longstanding passion for building strong, inclusive communities. She is a Community Strategist at Automattic, where she focuses on Programs & Contributor Experience for Automattic’s Five for the Future sponsored division.  Originally from Seattle, Washington, Angela is currently trying out Madrid, Spain.

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WP Owls #54

Alex Standiford

Alex Standiford is a web developer from the little town of Anywhere, USA. He has been tinkering with web technologies my entire life, and started my career as a web developer in 2015. Since then, he have built dozens of WordPress plugins, scratch-made websites, and web applications.

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WP Owls #52

Rich Tabor

Rich is a WordPress entrepreneur, designer and developer. He's also recognized as one of the leaders in WordPress. Before recently joining Extendify as Head of Product, Rich was the Senior Product Manager of WordPress Experience at GoDaddy, and founded multiple WordPress products.

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WP Owls #50

Joost de Valk

Joost de Valk is the founder and chief product officer of Yoast.

His day to day consists of running the product side of Yoast and coming up with new features for users.

He’s also responsible for Yoast’s WordPress core team and supporting Yoast’s CEO Marieke, being both her colleague and her husband.

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WP Owls #48

Iain Poulson

Iain Poulson is a developer, business owner, podcaster, and writer. He works as a Product Manager for Delicious Brains the company behind WP Migrate DB Pro, WP Offload Media, SpinupWP and Advanced Custom Fields.

He helps people buy and sell WordPress businesses at FlipWP, runs the WP Trends newsletter, and develops WordPress plugins.

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WP Owls #46

Leon Stafford

A decade ago, Leon created the WP2Static plugin to solve the security and performance issues inherent with a dynamic web app like WordPress.

This experience led to recruitment into the expert team at Strattic, leaders in the WordPress static publishing space.

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WP Owls #44

Milana Cap

Milana Cap is a freelance WordPress/PHP engineer at Toptal, WordPress Documentation Team representative and Documentation Focus Lead for WordPress 5.8 release cycle.

She helped organise some of the largest WordPress conferences, WordCamp Europe 2018 and 2019, with focus on Contributor Days.

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WP Owls #42

Keith Devon

Keith is a WordPress designer and developer based in the UK. He's one half of Highrise Digital, who build custom, high-performance WordPress websites.
He is also co-host of the WP Café show where he chats about WordPress development with other professionals in the space.

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WP Owls #40

Sergey Biryukov

Sergey works on the WordPress core team at Yoast, contributing to WordPress as a Core Committer, and also working on Polyglots, Support, and Meta teams. He is a co-founder of Russian WordPress community.

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WP Owls #38

Chris Lema

He is a daily blogger at and the VP of Products at Liquid Web. A regular and popular speaker at WordCamps for the last decade, he also hosts a business conference in Cabo San Lucas for agencies and product companies called CaboPress.

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WP Owls #36

Brad Williams

He is the Co-Founder and CEO of WebDevStudios. He is also a co-author of the Professional WordPress Book Series. Brad is a US Marine Corps veteran and has been developing websites for over 25 years. In the last 15, Brad has specifically focused on open-source technologies like WordPress

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WP Owls #34

Nick Adams

He is a WordPress developer and the Chief Operating Officer at WP Buffs. At WP Buffs, Together with his team he provides WordPress support and maintenance services to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

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WP Owls #32

Igor Benić

He's a web developer interested in expanding his knowledge through various projects and educating others on what he learn while working. In his free time he's trying to grow his side projects and create a product business through WordPress plugins.

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WP Owls #30

Oana Filip

She's a community builder and storyteller at Pixelgrade. We’re a software company with ten years of experience in crafting digital products that support people who want to impact their communities.

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WP Owls #28

Leonardo Losoviz

He's an open source developer and technical writer, working at the intersection between GraphQL and WordPress. He is the creator of the GraphQL API for WordPress, one of the two available GraphQL servers for WordPress.

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WP Owls #26

Raphael Sztwiorok

He's a CTO at Buddy with 10 years of experience in CI/CD and over 15 in software development. Began by programming GIS tools for satellite and aerial imagery analysis for government agencies. Loves sharing insight on process automation, containerization, and the challenges of application scaling.

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WP Owls #24

Lesley Sim

Shw's the co-founder of Newsletter Glue, a lightweight newsletter builder that connects to multiple email service providers, letting you send newsletters without leaving WordPress.

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WP Owls #22

Tomasz Dziuda

He is a programmer with several years of experience and a fan of web technologies, which he uses creatively. He creates websites based on WordPress & Publii, web applications using Vue.js, and desktop applications based on Electron.

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WP Owls #20

Birgit Pauli-Haack

She curates block editor news on the Gutenberg Times, hosts regular Gutenberg Live Q & A shows on YouTube and co-hosts the Gutenberg Changelog podcast with Mark Uraine. She started working on websites in 1996 and founded Pauli Systems in 2002.

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WP Owls #18

Marieke van de Rakt

She is the CEO of Yoast. She fills her days with running the business and coming up with new growth strategies. She also runs the marketing department at Yoast and currently homeschools her 4 children. Marieke talks about SEO at major conferences around the globe.

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WP Owls #16

Francesca Marano

She is the lead of the WordPress core team at Yoast where she gets to work full time on the open source project with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

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WP Owls #13

Marcin Andrzejewski

He's a graphic designer who focuses on visual communication and lettering-based design. An image and communication expert specializing in election and sales campaigns.

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WP Owls #11

Denis Žoljom

He's a Croatian based developer and open source enthusiast. He works at Infinum as a lead WordPress engineer, where he make sure my teammates are always up to date with the latest news in PHP, WordPress, and other programming areas.

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WP Owls #9

Greg Ziółkowski

He lives in Oleśnica and is a dedicated developer & open source software contributor. He works at Automattic where he codes in JavaScript & develop block editor in WordPress core. When he's not coding, he prefers to spend his time with his family travelling and discovering new places.

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WP Owls #7

Michelle Frechette

She has over twenty years of experience in higher education; ten years owning a web design and marketing company; and currently serves as the Head of Customer Success for (developers of and She is the podcast barista at, and a volunteer for Big Orange Heart.

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WP Owls #5

Katarzyna Janoska

She's a UX designer. From 2011 in a committed relationship with WordPress. In 2013 she showed up on the first WP conference. Since then she was a speaker on WordCamps & WordUps whenever possible. She develops WP plugins professionally.

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WP Owls #3

Maciek Kuchnik

He's a creator of a weekly podcast “Make WordPress”. Associated with WP since 2009, active member of PL WP community. Prefers simple and effective solutions while working with WP.

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WP Owls #1

Maciek Swoboda

He's in love with WordPress since 2006. He's also a WordUp and WordCamp organizer and a CEO of WP Desk, a platform for WooCommerce plugins. Editor of the Polish version of WordPress. Believer in community strength

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