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What is WP Owls

WP Owls is a bit different WordPress newsletter. As developers, me and Agnieszka, are concentrating a bit more on the developer side of WordPress news. That’s why there is a bigger chance to find a link to a small WordPress library on WP Owls, than on other newsletters.

Apart from the newsletter, we have a site on which everyone can read all the issues and we are writing our own articles (last year we wrote 12).

We also have a Guest Editor section, where different people from the WordPress ecosystem share their knowledge.

Also, don’t forget to meet our team.

WP Owls in numbers

The first number of WP Owls was published on 22.09.2020. Since then we published regularly every week.

At the time of writing, we published 73 issues and we had 36 guest editors.

Here you can see our website statistics:

When it comes to the newsletter:

  • 298 Active Subscribers
  • ~50% Open Rate
  • ~15% Click Rate

We are also active on Social Media – especially on Twitter when we gathered ~1500 followers and each new issue has a reach of about 1000 – 3000.

What we have to offer

Our partner would receive:

  • a slot after the 3 featured articles in each issue on the website – it would consist of a logo, description, and link
  • a slot after the 3 featured articles in the newsletter – it would consist of a logo, description, and link
  • 2 slots in each article – it would consist of company name, description, and link
  • mention on Twitter in the new issue announcement tweet

How it will look like


Of course, the upper bar will be the same as your leading brand color.


$120 for 1 issue if you reserve less than 4 issues.

$95 for 1 issue if you reserve 4 or more in a row.

If you are a fan of our work, we won’t be mad if you are willing to pay more. While at the moment we can’t offer more, I hope that we will be able to repay all the extra gifts at some point.

How we are going to spend the money

WP Owls is a non-profit newsletter and we want to keep it that way. On the other hand, we want it to grow. We have some ideas, but also a lack of funds to outsource them.

Currently, our budget goes to:

  • Translating WP Owls to English
  • Buffer
  • Canva
  • Hosting and tooling

What we want to achieve:

  • have more guest writers – we would love to grow our article section
  • launch a series of interviews with WordPress developers
  • send small gifts to all our guest editors to thank them for their hard work
  • finally, conduct a redesign that would focus a bit more on articles and those interviews I mentioned


Send an email to and we’ll discuss the details.