Cookies policy

On the website, we use information saved using cookies and similar technologies, including for advertising and statistical purposes and to adapt my website to the individual needs of users. They can also be used by advertisers cooperating with us, research companies and suppliers of multimedia applications. You can change the cookie settings in the browser (see the instructions for your web browser).
Using the website without changing the cookie settings means that they will be stored in the device’s memory.

How to disable cookies in your browser?

Below are instructions to disable cookies in popular web browsers. If your browser doesn’t match any of the descriptions below, look for help on the browser’s creator’s website (e.g. documentation) or the browser’s help file.

Google Chrome

This browser allows you to view a detailed description of the browser’s privacy features.

To clear cookies and other browsing data, click the button with three vertically arranged dots on the right side of the address bar – select “More tools” from the menu that appears and then “Clear browsing data”. A detailed description of the browser’s privacy function can be found under the link “More information”.


This browser allows you to specify whether you do not want to be tracked via cookies at all or whether you want to delete certain cookies from specific websites.

To define these settings, in the “Tools” menu, select “Options” and in them the “Privacy” tab.

IE / Edge

Thanks to the slider in the privacy settings, you can define the overall level of your privacy. In addition, by using the “Sites” button, you can decide on settings for specific websites.

To define these settings, go to the menu: “Tools” -> “Internet Options” option -> “Privacy” tab.


Using the “Safari” menu, select “Preferences” and in it the “Privacy” tab. This tab contains extensive options related to cookies.


Using the “Opera” button in the upper left corner, open the menu and select “Settings” and then the “Clear browsing history” option. In addition, there is a button “Manage cookies …”, which allows for more advanced management of options for individual websites.

Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and others with access to a web browser

Depending on the type of device and the platform used – the device may support this functionality in a different way. Therefore, you should read the privacy settings in the help file, documentation, user manual of the device or operating system.