Learn to use WordPress with a new community-supported platform

learn wordpress

A new community-supported platform with free workshops, online discussion groups and lessons plans for trainers.

Learn.WordPress.org is the place where users, developers, site owners and many other specialists can learn and grow like professionals together and in their own individual style and speed. The platform is shedding light on contribution and involvement in the project as well.

The platform was officially launched on December 15th, 2020, and this was only the beginning of this awesome project. Many people are giving their time, efforts and hearts to goals ahead which is crucial in a project like that.

Learn WordPress
LMS created by e-learning experts
LMS created by e-learning experts

How does it work?

Many languages

The big idea at the root of this platform is to assemble accurate and relevant information on different languages in just one place. The Project will bring WordPress communities from all over the world even closer than it is now and create a place where people can share knowledge and learn new things about the most popular CMS in the world.

Right now most materials are in English and the translation of the platform itself is still in progress. That means that Polish polyglots can contribute to the translation.

This is also an opportunity for WordPress professionals to submit their Workshops or whole courses in their native language to this platform. This makes a significant impact on this platform development and brings the different local communities in one place.

For those who need an idea and carefully planned base for Workshops, there are Lessons plans as well — the section is mostly intended for professional WordPress trainers but can be also used as guides for individual studies.

Many styles of learning

Right now the platform has Workshops and several courses to study at a convenient time and place. The Project offers  Meetups as well — watch parties with further discussions, which can be found at https://www.meetup.com/ru-RU/learn-wordpress-discussions/
If you want to see the discussions in athe convenient time for your timezone or just want to take an active role in these groups, you can apply to become a facilitator: https://learn.wordpress.org/discussion-groups/

Community contribution

Learn.WordPress.org is during the active development stage and the Training team is working on many different aspects of the platform under the persistent guidance of Hauwa Abashiya and Courtney Robertson in close relations with other Make WordPress Teams 🙌

To find out more, go to https://make.wordpress.org/training/

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